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IIT Madras Students Utilize Allinea Tools

Oct 29, 2013 | Parallel computing students at the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras, India (IIT Madras) have cut their debugging and profiling time by almost a third, and improved the scalability of their code, thanks to the use of Allinea Software’s tools.

Notre Dame Scales up HPC with Allinea Software's Tools

Oct 24, 2013 | The Center For Research Computing (CRC) at the University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana has deployed Allinea Software's tools for HPC development as part of their mission to open their HPC resources to a wider user base and simultaneously improve the success and efficiency of codes running on their systems.

CGG to Ramp Up Use of Allinea DDT Debugger

Oct 10, 2013 | CGG, one of the leading multinational integrated geosciences companies is ramping up its use of the Allinea DDT debugger within its globally distributed software development teams.

Allinea Tools Help Canada Close Innovation Gap

Aug 28, 2013 | Allinea DDT, the parallel debugger relied on by over 45 of the world’s top 100 supercomputers, is helping Canadian scientists stay focused on science so their discoveries can help keep the country competitive in the global market.

Boston ARM Viridis Server Extends its HPC Capability With Allinea Development Tools

Jul 01, 2013 | Developers porting and debugging HPC/server applications to the ARM architecture received a major boost with the announcement that development tools from the parallel software tools experts, Allinea Software, are now available on the Boston ARM Server platform.

Allinea Tools to Help Professor Stephen Hawking's Consortium Get More Bang From COSMOS

Jun 25, 2013 | Over the past two decades, cosmology has emerged as a highly competitive, data-driven field. With the success of space and ground-based experiments, scientists who once immersed themselves in the elegance of an equation’s beautiful symmetries can now test their theories against an unprecedented amount of data collected from the far reaches of the universe.

Beacon Shines for Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor Developers With Allinea Tools

Jun 10, 2013 | The Beacon project at the National Institute for Computational Sciences (NICS) took a major step forward today with the news that Allinea Software’s development tools are now available on the ground breaking Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor-based system.

Allinea DDT 4.0 Allows for Mobile Debugging of HPC Code

Apr 23, 2013 | Allinea DDT 4.0 will make it easier for scientists to debug and optimize HPC code even when they’re on the road.

Supercomputer Scientists Take Control of Code Performance with Allinea MAP

Mar 18, 2013 | Allinea has cracked the performance profiling pain barrier with the release of Allinea MAP.

Bull Trusts Allinea DDT, MAP for Major Upgrade at Météo France

Feb 20, 2013 | Allinea DDT and Allinea MAP will play a key role in a critical computer upgrade for France’s national weather service.

Allinea MAP

Jan 07, 2013 | A new type of profiling tool, Allinea MAP, was launched at SC12 and has already been widely praised by users who want to spend their budget on results rather than wasted machine time. Users have been at the heart of the design and heavily involved in the creation of the product from the start. Allinea Software's aim was to create a profiler that is easy to use without training and would get results quickly with just 5% runtime overhead.

Allinea Supports Latest NVIDIA Tesla K20s, CUDA 5

Nov 19, 2012 | Allinea Software announced immediate availability of debugging support in Allinea DDT for the latest NVIDIA Tesla K20 family of GPU accelerators, based on the Kepler architecture, and the recently released NVIDIA CUDA 5 toolkit.

Allinea MAPs Out New Performance Tool

Nov 14, 2012 | Allinea Software shifted the performance landscape at SC12 today with the announcement of a new performance analysis tool, Allinea MAP.

Allinea Releases Tools for Xeon Phi Developers

Nov 13, 2012 | Allinea Software today announced the immediate availability of their leading parallel debugging tool, Allinea DDT, for Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors - and forthcoming support in the Allinea MAP performance profiler.

Allinea Debugs at Scale at iVEC and CSIRO

Nov 05, 2012 | iVEC and CSIRO receive one of Cray’s next-generation Cascade supercomputers with Allinea DDT installed to provide debugging for its Petascale-class applications.

Allinea Adds Support for IBM BlueGene/Q

Nov 01, 2012 | Allinea Software announced the release of its high-performance scalable parallel debugger, Allinea DDT, for IBM BlueGene/Q systems.

Atomic Weapons Establishment To Use Allinea DDT

Oct 24, 2012 | The Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) are using Allinea Software’s Allinea DDT debugging tool to provide the capability needed for a new generation of science on their powerful Blackthorn and Willow Bull systems.

Researchers at Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing Adopt Allinea Software

Sep 24, 2012 | Allinea Software has announced that the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC) will adopt the company's software in six of its major facilities.

Swiss National Supercomputer Center Adopts Allinea Software

Sep 11, 2012 | The Swiss national supercomputer center has opened a new facility that utilizes lake water for cooling. The center is also adopting Allinea DDT software.

Allinea Announces Support for Intel MIC Architecture

Jun 18, 2012 | Allinea Software has announced support for Intel Phi chips in their debugging application. Allinea DDT is expected to support MIC architecture chips upon their release.

Allinea to Demonstrate Latest Debugging Software at ISC'12

Jun 13, 2012 | Allinea will be demonstrating their latest version of the Allinea DDT debugging software at ISC'12. The new software claims integration of visualization and debugging.

Allinea Software Releases CUDA Education Pack

May 22, 2012 | Allinea software has announced the release of their DDT CUDA education pack. The software is seen as an addition to CUDA lecture courses.

Blue Waters Supercomputer Debugs With Allinea DDT

May 14, 2012 | Allinea software has announced that the Blue Waters supercomputer uses their offering to debug applications. Allinea DDT assists researchers in producing functional code.

Allinea Adds New Capabilities in Latest Release of DDT Debugger

Feb 01, 2012 | Allinea Software has released the latest version of Allinea DDT, version 3.1 and a set of novel features designed to both simplify and enable debugging of parallel and multithreaded applications.

Red Herring Recognizes Allinea as Global 100 Company

Jan 11, 2012 | Allinea Software has been selected by Red Herring as a Global 100 winner – the award that honors the fastest growing private companies from North America, Europe, and Asia.


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