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ProfitBricks Says New Service Outperforms AWS, Rackspace

BOSTON, Sept. 10 — ProfitBricks, the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) company that has completely reengineered the delivery of cloud computing, today announced general availability of the next generation of cloud computing services in North America. Reinventing legacy cloud infrastructure architecture and performance, ProfitBricks is the first in the industry to offer live vertical scaling of CPU cores and RAM – never before has adding resources for an instance (or virtual machine) without requiring a server reboot. ProfitBricks is delivering on many of the visions of today's cloud luminaries. ProfitBricks offers better performance with 227% greater UnixBench scores over Amazon AWS and 194% faster I/O than Rackspace. Customers benefit from transparent by-the-minute pricing, and better usability through a graphical data center interface.

"From our perspective, ProfitBricks is changing the competitive landscape for cloud providers by addressing many of the concerns holding us back from adopting the cloud. ProfitBricks is a game changer," said Trevor Keith of T.K. Consulting. "The ability to adjust our cloud infrastructure resources on the fly, matched with up-to-the-minute pricing has had a positive and dramatic impact on how we deliver our applications to clients."

What's New

  • Live Vertical Scaling, Large Instances - For years cloud service providers required customers to preselect server sizes and add new servers as needed to scale. This horizontally scaled infrastructure required costly application rewrites and left data centers filled with orphaned servers. ProfitBricks' IaaS platform enables customers to select server instances from 1 CPU core to 48 cores, and from 1GB of RAM to 196 GB of RAM – and anything in between at anytime. Additionally, all CPU cores at ProfitBricks are dedicated, they are not shared among customers.
  • Network Flexibility - With ProfitBricks' virtualized network, built on InfiniBand technology, customers can replicate in our cloud infrastructure whatever they can do locally with patch panels and switches. With up to 8 ports per server, connection speeds 8x faster than Ethernet, plus free backend network connections, customers can build any network configuration they want. Users are no longer forced to adapt to their service provider, they have complete network freedom in the cloud.
  • Ease-of-Use with ProfitBricks DCD User Interface - The innovative ProfitBricks Data Center Designer makes it easy to design and initiate your cloud environments. Drag-and-drop resources like a Visio diagram – yet, all designs result in live provisioning when committed. The DCD makes ongoing management just as easy, allowing you to adjust your resources with live scaling and instant provisioning.
  • By-the-Minute Pricing - ProfitBricks is the first IaaS provider to offer simple and efficient billing that charges only for the resources you actually consume minute-by-minute. Transparently based on only four parameters, pricing is simple and comprehensible. There are'nt any hidden or additional fees for things beyond control or measurability for the customer e.g., I/O access.

"We deconstructed cloud infrastructure down to its most basic elements and discovered there was a far better way to deliver the service," said ProfitBricks' Chief Executive Officer, Achim Weiss. "We ended up reinventing the architecture, which allows us to offer substantially better performance and a new level of flexibility in cloud infrastructure. Our platform allows ProfitBricks to offer unprecedented services at prices others cannot touch because of legacy design and built-in costs."

"Over the next few years, the IaaS industry and end user adoption will be fueled by improved performance, pricing, and ease-of use," said Melanie Posey, research vice president, hosting and managed network services, IDC. "However, the cloud infrastructure services market is quickly becoming crowded with "me-too" offerings that attempt replicate what the cloud giants have been providing for years. We're eager to see the next round of game-changing innovation in the cloud space."

Analyst Testing Validation

"We test multiple performance metrics of the leading cloud providers and continually see ProfitBricks outperforming other providers – from I/O and networking to CPU and RAM access speeds," said Kenny Li, President of Cloud Spectator. See for Cloud Spectator's latest performance posting.

"The architecture lets us open a new world of opportunity for business visionaries and IT budget watchers alike," said ProfitBricks Chief Executive Officer, U.S., Bob Rizika. "With the benefits of live vertical scaling, and a price/performance ratio that is unmatched, we are seeing growth from organizations with wide variations in processing demand that had traditionally been forced into one-size-fits-all server configurations and reactionary horizontal scaling."

ProfitBricks cloud infrastructure is now available in the U.S. Please visit for more information and to signup for a free 14-day trial.

About ProfitBricks

ProfitBricks is a global cloud infrastructure provider with a new platform engineered from the ground up to solve many of the problems of 1st generation cloud platforms. ProfitBricks was founded in 2010 by Achim Weiss and Andreas Gauger, previous cofounders of 1&1, which is a majority part of United Internet AG (UDIRF, $3.9B Mkt Cap). With funding from the founders and United Internet, ProfitBricks has built the world's first true virtual data center technology enabling flexible user defined instances with live vertical scaling capability, class leading cloud storage allotments– all with simple and transparent minute-based billing. Customers can deploy existing and new applications on the ProfitBricks public cloud, or design and build their own private cloud network – all without capital or the limitations, risk and overhead of traditional co-location and dedicated hosting solutions. Headquartered in Berlin Germany and Boston, MA, ProfitBricks is comprised of over 100 team members from 16 countries. More information is available at ProfitBricks website at


Source: ProfitBricks

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