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GreenButton Introduces New Media Indexing Service

GreenButton inCus is a Cloud-Based Media Indexing Solution — powered by Microsoft Research Audio Video Indexing Service to optimize search & discovery capabilities for large media archives

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 3 — GreenButton, a cloud services company specializing in cloud enablement for software vendors and enterprises, today announced the availability of GreenButton inCus, a new audio indexing solution powered by the Microsoft Research Audio Video Indexing Service ("MAVIS") running on Windows Azure. The service provides the ability to index audio from digitized content archives, which creates an optimized search and discovery experience that customers can utilize for managing their large digital media archives.

"GreenButton InCus is breaking new ground with the ability to make digitized media content searchable and more productive to use," said Scott Houston, founder and chief executive officer of GreenButton. "As with other GreenButton services, inCus runs on Windows Azure which in essence, alleviates the need to invest in any on-premise infrastructure, making it an integral part of a company's cloud ecosystem."

GreenButton inCus is powered by next-generation audio indexing technology from Microsoft Research, which can make audio and/or video files with speech content searchable using a simple text search query. The service is perfectly suited to scale across countless hours of digital media content – from digitized spoken content such as recorded meetings, conference calls, voice mails, presentations, online lectures, to Internet video – and can replace the manual search process that can often be time consuming and error–prone with marginal results. The delivery of GreenButton inCus as a service provides 'one-click search' search and discovery capability without the need for investment and management of a customer's infrastructure resources.

"Today, a vast amount of speech content is undiscoverable in organizations, and on the web, due to the lack of multimedia search tools" said Behrooz Chitsaz, director, IP strategy, at Microsoft Research. "Our goal with the MAVIS project was to enable searching of spoken words in much the same way as searching for text. We are now excited to see MAVIS available commercially through GreenButton inCus so organizations can efficiently search their multimedia content with speech."

"By making Microsoft Research's MAVIS technology available through Windows Azure, GreenButton InCus gives customers the advantages of an easy-to-use, highly scalable cloud platform," said Brian Goldfarb, director of Windows Azure Marketing at Microsoft. "Making content management available on Windows Azure is a great example of the cloud enabling new business and market opportunities, from the development of the service technology components by Microsoft Research to the ability to get the product to market quickly and directly through our partnership with GreenButton."

GreenButton inCus can be used in the exact capacity needed. There are two separate versions of the service: Fully Hosted, which is the complete turn-key, one-click solution that requires no on-premise management, and Self-Hosted as the option for the 'do-it-yourself' method where customers maintain their own database and search portal properties. For either version, GreenButton inCus can access media content from any remote storage location through either an HTTP or an HTTPS connection, which is non-disruptive to a potential customer's existing content storage strategy. GreenButton inCus also provides the ability to generate closed captions for archived media content that is compatible with standard web and client media players.

Key Use Cases

GreenButton inCus…

  • Is a cloud-based service that utilizes next-generation audio search technologies developed by Microsoft Research to make speech content more accessible.

  • Enables searching for spoken words in multimedia content much like searching for textual words in documents.

  • Can generate keywords from media files so they can be used for media categorization or made accessible to search engines like Bing and Google.

  • Can generate draft closed captions which can help reduce the cost of media captioning.

  • Can process content from any publicly or privately accessible storage location

  • Can provide the ultimate, one-click upload and search experience for countless hours of digitized speech content, and requires no IT investment or management on behalf of the customer

  • Provides an easy to use web based UI for content submission and an API for integration with content management systems and organization search engines.

Multimedia And Additional Information

Product details, pricing, and complete information is available at

Come visit GreenButton during NAB for a demo, at the Microsoft booth SL #1524.

About GreenButton

GreenButton is an award winning global software company that specializes in high performance cloud computing. The company provides a cloud platform for development and delivery of software and services that enable independent software vendors (ISVs) to move to the cloud and for their users to access cloud resources. GreenButton is Microsoft Corp's 2011 Windows Azure ISV Partner of the Year and the company is has offices in New Zealand, Palo Alto, and Seattle.

Cloud computing is a growing phenomenon, projected by industry analysts to exceed US$160billion, but end users and vendors are struggling with engagement models and portal interfaces. GreenButton has developed an intelligent interface (an API) called the "GreenButton" which enables the user to access this capacity whenever it is required, directly from their desktop application.


Source: GreenButton

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