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Riverbed Introduces Asymmetric Solutions Portfolio

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Oct. 25 -- Riverbed Technology, the IT performance company, introduces Riverbed Stingray, its new portfolio of asymmetric software- and virtual-based offerings, including application delivery controllers (ADC), Web content optimization (WCO) and Web application firewalls. The Stingray product family is based on technologies acquired from Zeus Technology and Aptimize Limited in July 2011, and adds to the company's award-winning wide area network (WAN) optimization, application-aware network performance management (NPM) and cloud storage gateway solutions. With its range of best-of-breed products, Riverbed can tailor the best possible approach to deliver performance from the application to the end user, creating a richer end-user experience, enabling more productive employees, and cutting the cost of IT infrastructure in the data center, cloud and branch office. The Stingray product family is comprised of Stingray Traffic Manager, Stingray Web Application Firewall and Stingray Aptimizer, and is available in a range of cost-effective configurations for small and medium businesses (SMBs) and enterprises, including a new monthly subscription model with an entry price less than $200 USD for Stingray Traffic Manager.

Enterprise customers are investing in infrastructure that enables new and flexible approaches as they continue to virtualize data centers and migrate to the cloud. The challenge with shifting to a private, public or hybrid cloud environment is that the customer needs to optimize applications and data from the data center to end users across the country or around the world. Riverbed is enabling enterprises to migrate to, and receive the greatest benefits of, modern data center architectures by providing flexible application delivery across private and public clouds. Riverbed Stingray enables enterprises to host applications in any physical, virtual or cloud environment, and to cost-effectively scale application acceleration and optimization as needed, on-demand.

Stingray Traffic Manager: Performance, Flexibility, Simplicity and Subscription Pricing

Available in virtual- and software-based configurations, Stingray Traffic Manager is a high-performance virtual ADC that provides flexibility and a single point of management for accelerating enterprise applications hosted on servers, and provides network operators and application developers with advanced scripting and enterprise-level functionality (TrafficScript, global load balancing, bandwidth management, rate shaping, service level monitoring).

Stingray Traffic Manager is available in several cost-effective configurations – 1000, 2000 and 4000 Series – to support any size enterprise. The Stingray Traffic Manager provides customers with the flexibility to do anytime, anywhere upgrades and updates simply with a download and a license key. The Stingray Traffic Manager is also available with a new subscription-based model that provides enterprises with the flexibility to quickly, without long-term commitments, accelerate and optimize their applications in the cloud. Monthly pricing subscriptions start at less than $200 USD, and support a trend of customers shifting from CapEx to OpEx. This new model complements Riverbed's existing public cloud service providers, who also provide subscription-based services for ADCs based on Stingray.

"The virtual application delivery market is growing rapidly as enterprise customers continue optimizing datacenter deployments through consolidation as well as migrating to both public and private cloud environments," said Cindy Borovick, program vice president, Enterprise Communications and Datacenter Networks at IDC. "Riverbed is helping accelerate this growth as Stingray provides enterprise customers with a simple, yet powerful and flexible solution that integrates into their application stack and quickly optimizes and accelerates applications hosted in the cloud."

Stingray Web Application Firewall: Additional Security Using A Software Approach

As enterprises move to cloud environments, the resulting complexity increases security concerns and becomes an increasing challenge. To support enterprise customers, Riverbed offers Stingray Web Application Firewall. The application firewall is designed to provide security by protecting Web applications against threats and enabling businesses to meet their security compliance requirements, including payment card industry data security standard (PCI-DSS). Stingray Web Application Firewall is available as an add-on that can be managed by Stingray Traffic Manager or as a stand-alone solution.

"Riverbed performance solutions are the intelligent layer that rides on top of an organization's IT infrastructure, providing the ability to offer every employee, customer, partner and end-user a local-like experience. Our customers already depend on our market-leading WAN optimization and performance management solutions, and as a trusted partner, we will help them address performance challenges as their IT environments evolve," said Apurva Davé, vice president of marketing and product management, Stingray Business Unit at Riverbed. "New data center architectures are more complex and heavily rely on virtualization, and legacy ADCs or load balancers often act as a bottleneck in these modern environments. The Stingray product family addresses the inherent challenges associated with virtualized data centers, and offers three additional tools for enterprises as they move to the cloud and look to deliver greater performance from data centers, private and public clouds."

Stingray Aptimizer: Simplified Optimization and Acceleration for Not-So Simple Websites

Stingray Aptimizer is the leading WCO solution, which allows enterprise customers to deliver both internal Web applications, like Microsoft SharePoint, and external Web applications, like e-commerce and highly customized websites, much faster. Typical websites can have 50-200 file requests, and for each request, in addition to the network latency, the performance of websites can be severely impacted. Stingray Aptimizer reduces page load times and reduces bandwidth by instantly transforming the content (multiple image formats, javascript, CSS files, etc.) that is delivered from a Web server to the website viewer, accelerating website performance in some cases by up to 400%.

Underperforming websites provide a poor user experience and result in possible lost business transactions, lower productivity, and higher costs of operations. For the challenges associated with today's complex, application- and media-rich websites, Stingray Aptimizer eliminates massive inefficiencies in modern Web applications by effectively transforming the content – instantly accelerating websites or intranets – with a simple software installation on the Web server requiring no additional hardware, code or browser changes.

"Stingray Aptimizer represents a revolutionary approach to IT performance optimization in the data center," added Davé. "Rather than limit ADC performance optimizations to elements like server offload and compression, our vision is to integrate WCO as a must-have tool for operating any public website or enterprise application. The end result will be faster, more useful applications that provide a richer experience on any platform, and ultimately improve enterprises' bottom lines."

Availability: The Stingray product family is generally available today.

More than 16,000 organizations worldwide depend on Riverbed to understand, optimize and consolidate their IT infrastructure, through solutions that overcome performance issues caused by distance, distributed computing, and ever increasing amounts of data. As IT organizations embark on strategic initiatives to virtualize, consolidate and migrate workloads into cloud environments, users move farther from their data, and slow applications, file transfers and inefficient websites negatively impact the performance of these initiatives. Riverbed transforms IT performance by providing solutions spanning WAN optimization, application-aware network performance management (NPM), application delivery, web content optimization (WCO), and cloud data protection for backup, archive and disaster recovery. By providing the broadest portfolio of performance solutions that deliver anywhere, any application optimization, Riverbed enables organizations to increase productivity and efficiency, while enhancing business resilience and controlling costs.  

About Riverbed

Riverbed delivers performance for the globally connected enterprise. With Riverbed, enterprises can successfully and intelligently implement strategic initiatives such as virtualization, consolidation, cloud computing, and disaster recovery without fear of compromising performance. By giving enterprises the platform they need to understand, optimize and consolidate their IT, Riverbed helps enterprises to build a fast, fluid and dynamic IT architecture that aligns with the business needs of the organization. Additional information about Riverbed is available at


Source: Riverbed Technology

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