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Cloud Cost Estimator for Virtual Environments Released

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 11, 2010 -- Hyper9, Inc., the enterprise-class virtualization management company, today announced its latest product release focused on bringing greater transparency to the "black box" of virtualization initiatives. The solution features a Cloud Cost Estimator Lens, a customizable dashboard that uses data and analytics to estimate how much it would cost to run a company's virtual machines on Amazon EC2. Additional features include integration with common collaboration tools such as Microsoft SharePoint, wikis and other external web portals, and support for VMware vSphere 4.1.

While the operational benefits of virtualization have been well-established, it's often difficult for application teams and business stakeholders to understand how virtualization ties back to tier-1 business processes – and to collaborate and share these insights back and forth.

Hyper9's latest release helps organizations pinpoint how much memory and CPU capacity VMs have been allocated, and how much network bandwidth and storage throughput they are consuming, and then translates those costs into what they would pay to run a mirror environment in Amazon's EC2. This helps IT set and compare baselines between internal and external cloud deployments, and recommend the best investment decisions for the business.

Integration with third-party collaboration portals such as SharePoint provides another level of critical transparency. Using Hyper9, business owners for a key service or application can now access real-time reports showing the uptime of critical VMs, the amount of resources they are consuming, and the potential "chargeback" cost to the business – without ever leaving their SharePoint application. This information can then be shared cross-organizationally to prioritize virtualization initiatives and focus investments on the areas of greatest benefit to the business.

"One of the key barriers to virtualization success is the lack of transparency into how critical elements are performing, what they cost, and how those costs tie back to the business," said Bill Kennedy, CEO of Hyper9. "With our new Cloud Cost Estimator and third-party portal integration, we can help enterprises analyze that data in the context of their own internal operations, project those costs to other external environments, and even share that information cross-organizationally for more strategic decision-making."

About Hyper9, Inc.

Hyper9 is a privately-held company backed by Venrock, Matrix Partners, Silverton Partners and Maples Investments. Based in Austin, Texas, the company was founded in 2007 by enterprise systems management experts and virtualization visionaries. Since then, Hyper9 has collaborated with virtualization administrators as well as systems and virtualization management experts to develop a new breed of virtualization management products that leverages Internet technologies like search, collaboration and social networking. The end result is a product that helps administrators discover, organize and make use of information in their virtual environment, yet is as easy to use as a consumer application. For more information about Hyper9, visit


Source: Hyper9, Inc.

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Transitioning from a profit to a Value Center
Submitted by miha123 on Aug 18, 2010 @ 12:00 AM EDT

Highly interesting concept, that I advocate for years. The slides "From IT as a cost center to IT as a profit center" are at . Your "see, manage, trust" concept does not involve billing, but there are many affinities.


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