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Realizing Flexibility with EMC Atmos Cloud Ecosystem

BOSTON, May 12, 2010 -- EMC Corporation, the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, today announced an expansion of its partner ecosystem for the EMC Atmos cloud storage platform to help customers manage and optimize external clouds as part of an overall private cloud strategy. The EMC Atmos platform has been chosen by a set of world-class service providers and independent software vendors (ISVs) to enable unprecedented choice, flexibility and interoperability among cloud vendors, while providing customers with the agility to extend their existing IT infrastructure to an enterprise-ready external cloud service.

EMC Atmos automatically manages and optimizes the distribution of rich, unstructured information independent of its geographic location. By teaming with EMC, service providers, ISVs and developers can further monetize the value of cloud storage, and help customers access on-demand storage resources where and when they need it - at anytime, across the globe.

Service Providers Turn to EMC Atmos to Drive New Cloud Offerings

A number of leading service providers - including AT&T, CBICI, Hosted Solutions, Peer1 and Unisys - have turned to EMC and the Atmos technology to deliver cloud services to their customers. These independently branded storage services utilize Atmos technology, and a key set of enterprise-ready features - including policy management, multi-tenancy, a self-service management console and security features such as network intrusion prevention, RSA access control technologies as well as the option to deploy selective data federation through the RSA Data Loss Prevention suite. As a result, these service providers give their customers the ability to store and manage unstructured content securely and cost-effectively in a cloud environment. All of these service providers leverage the Atmos web services API as the presentation layer for their application partners and customers.

"With the rollout of AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service offer in 2009, AT&T became one of the first service providers world-wide to offer a cloud storage service based on the Atmos technology. EMC's approach to cloud storage compliments AT&T's global reach, and helps us better serve our customers," said Steve Caniano, Vice President, AT&T Hosting and Cloud Services. "AT&T's on-demand, enterprise-class Synaptic Storage as a Service provides customers with an unmatched combination of performance, security and reliability - all while helping them to be cost effective, and pay only for what they use. By leveraging best-in-class cloud storage technology from vendors like EMC, our enterprise customers can continue to manage their IT storage resources while still gaining the same level of service they have come to expect."

"The ability to store, manage and distribute media content becomes challenging as it continues to grow at historical rates. CBI adopted Atmos technology to better service our media and Web 2.0 clients and help reduce this complexity," said Craig Bueker, Chief Technology Officer of CBI Connect. "CBI has dramatically decreased overall costs for our clients by reducing data center footprint and consolidating application infrastructure on to Atmos, while providing a dynamic solution that supports ultra high concurrency and media rich Web 2.0 platforms. Atmos provides a single, globally distributed media storage platform that seamlessly connects across geographies, divisions and applications. Further, business continuity and disaster recovery requirements can be efficiently managed with Atmos' data replication features. Atmos policy-based data management capabilities were leveraged by CBI to mitigate the complexity of storing massive media collections. CBI utilized Atmos to develop a unique and cost-efficient offering to manage client's media storage that achieves stringent SLA objectives."

"Managing storage from a capacity and cost perspective is a significant challenge for many businesses today," said Tom Cornwell, Storage/Virtualization Architect with Hosted Solutions. "Hosted Solutions partnered with EMC and integrated with EMC Atmos to create Stratus Cloud Storage, a solution that combines massive scalability and unparalleled flexibility with automated data placement, efficiently delivering content and information anywhere in the world through a standard interface. Available either as part of Hosted Solutions' Stratus Trusted Cloud platform, or a standalone service, Stratus Cloud Storage delivers a full range of benefits that Hosted Solutions' customers have come to rely on, including rapid implementation, elimination of upfront capital expenditures on hardware, and ongoing maintenance costs, and the ability to rapidly deploy additional storage on an as-needed basis."

"PEER 1 Hosting, a full service hosting solutions provider, selected EMC Atmos as the foundation of the CloudOne Storage service offering launching later this month," said Tim Varma, Vice President of Product Development. "EMC provides the tools that allow us to empower our customers with flexible policy-based control over their data and a single system for managing cloud data geographically dispersed anywhere in PEER 1's SuperNetwork(TM)."

"Unisys is collaborating with EMC to integrate EMC Atmos storage technology into the global information infrastructure behind Unisys Secure Cloud Solution," said Sam Gross, vice president, Global IT Outsourcing Solutions, Unisys. "The advanced capabilities of Unisys Stealth data protection technology combined with the EMC Atmos solution can give clients confidence that they can move applications and sensitive data transparently to the cloud and access them with high security from anywhere in the world. "

Independent Software Vendors Provide Cornerstone for Cloud Adoption

For ISVs looking to leverage the new opportunities that cloud offers, EMC provides a way to promote the value proposition to the partner ecosystem and customer base of Atmos via the easy-to-use API and EMC Velocity2 Partner Program. Companies who are part of the program include Acuo Technologies, Atempo, Aspera, Cloudera, CommVault, Gladinet, Emulex, EnterpriseDB, Informatica, lifeIMAGE, Metalogix, MedCommons, Nasuni, RainStor, Riverbed Technology, Seven10 Storage, Signiant, StorSimple and TwinStrata.

Connecting to Atmos via the standard API, ISVs now have additional opportunities to point customers who are looking to leverage cloud solutions to a host of service providers that have chosen Atmos as their cloud storage platform. Through the Velocity Partner Program, EMC facilitates and accelerates efforts of ISVs responding to customers' fast-growing demand for greater scalability, elasticity and lower costs through integration with Atmos. For more information about these partners, please visit the EMC Velocity Partner Community.

New EMC Atmos Virtual Edition Gives Customers Flexibility with EMC Storage

With the introduction of the Atmos Virtual Edition, EMC extends the ability to deliver web-accessible, elastic cloud storage qualities to customers using EMC Symmetrix enterprise storage and EMC Celerra unified storage platforms. Running in a virtual environment, Symmetrix and Celerra customers can extend their platforms to address new workloads such as content-rich web applications, storage-as-a-service, cloud archiving and access to external Atmos-powered cloud services.

In addition, customers can gain immediate accessibility to the Atmos ecosystem of ISVs and service providers for integration with a set of backup, archiving, collaboration and content management solutions. This integration across EMC product lines provides customers with the broadest range of storage platforms for the cloud, giving them the flexibility and choice they require in building out private clouds.

EMC has also expanded its integration of EMC Information Infrastructure products with Atmos so customers can receive a number of cloud-based solutions from the market leader in storage hardware and software and content management. Now Atmos is tightly integrated with EMC Celerra unified storage for fully automated storage tiering (FAST) of data, EMC NetWorker Fast Start software for mid-market backup and recovery to the cloud, and EMC Documentum for cloud-based enterprise content management.

New Opportunities for Developers

Another key piece to accelerate cloud adoption is through the developer community on the EMC Community Network. This community provides members with access to some of the latest technology for building cloud solutions, including access to sample code, technical resources, articles and documentation. EMC looks to harness the creative power of developers by encouraging them to create fresh, composite applications using EMC developer platforms. In fact, EMC Atmos developers are creating "mashups" for the cloud and during EMC World, a winner of the Monster Mash Challenge will be announced, awarding a $5,000 prize for the best mashup including Atmos cloud storage.

EMC Atmos Becoming Foundational Bridge for Global Federation

In addition, EMC is working with its service providers and partners to drive a sea change in how customers manage, access and control their data independent of where the data resides globally. Ultimately, EMC will help bridge this new federated model where cloud barriers are removed and data can move securely and freely to and from service providers. Customers will benefit from the added flexibility, global reach and choice that is necessary for managing their information in today's global economy.

Industry Statistics Point to Need and Growth in Cloud Storage

Driving the move to private cloud is a tremendous growth in information across consumers, small-to-medium businesses and enterprises. The timing of this growth, coupled with the advancements in cloud technology, is allowing leading edge service providers to leverage cloud infrastructure-as-a-service and thus remove many of the barriers associated with existing IT technologies.

According to the new EMC-sponsored IDC study titled "The Digital Universe Decade - Are You Ready?" [1], in 2009, amid the "Great Recession," the amount of digital information grew 62% over 2008 to 800 billion gigabytes (0.8 Zettabytes). One Zettabyte equals one trillion gigabytes. In addition, based on the use of cloud computing services by companies to reduce the portion of their IT budget devoted to legacy system maintenance, IDC estimates that the increase in IT dollars spent on innovation could drive more than $1 trillion in increased business revenues between now and the end of 2014. This projection will increase substantially as private cloud and other cloud computing models move into mainstream adoption.

Also, according to a recent study by industry analyst firm the 451 Group [2], the Cloud Infrastructure and Enabling Technologies market is expected to grow to $4 Billion by 2013 - a compound annual growth rate of 70% (from 2009).

Executive Quotes

Michael Feinberg, Senior Vice President of EMC's Cloud Infrastructure Group, said, "For businesses to accommodate the rapid information growth of their customers, there has to be a fundamental shift in enabling customers to move their data from one service provider to another based on their unique needs. We believe that it will take multiple service providers to deliver a globally accessible cloud storage service to support all regions of the world and ultimately, these service providers will work together similar to how wireless providers interact today. At the same time, support for application providers and open source community developers is a cornerstone to driving true federation. By partnering with EMC and integrating with the EMC Atmos API, we can help ISVs integrate with our service provider network and deliver a comprehensive set of resources for joint customers."

"EMC understands the importance that customers place on securing their information and corporate assets in the cloud and is taking the right steps to offer advanced security services to Atmos customers," said Christopher Young, Senior Vice President of Products, Technologies and Markets at RSA, The Security Division of EMC. "Organizations that use EMC Atmos on-premise and wish to selectively federate data to Atmos enabled public clouds, can deploy the RSA Data Loss Prevention suite with EMC Atmos on-premise. This integration can enable automated searching and tagging of EMC Atmos data and policy-based federation of data to Atmos enabled public clouds. The rich policy management capabilities of EMC Atmos deliver a truly information-centric cloud infrastructure."

"Dell and EMC have an established relationship around the Atmos offering that continues to be focused on enabling our customers and partners to deliver leading edge solutions," said Forrest Norrod, vice president and general manager for Dell's Server Platform Division "As this new cloud ecosystem of service providers transforms the market, Dell is pleased to be part of the EMC Atmos solution by providing the building blocks for efficient, dense storage that is required to support global cloud storage infrastructures."

[1] IDC Digital Universe Study, sponsored by EMC, May 2010

[2] the 451 Group Study - "CloudScape - 2010 Outlook" - William Fellows, Principal Analyst

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EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) is the world's leading developer and provider of information infrastructure technology and solutions that enable organizations of all sizes to transform the way they compete and create value from their information. Information about EMC's products and services can be found at

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