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Unisys ClearPath Systems Enable Real-Time Infrastructure

BLUE BELL, Pa., Oct. 7 -- Unisys Corp. today announced a range of powerful offerings for its family of ClearPath mainframe-class servers, as well as enhanced application development software. These offerings are designed to help clients create a flexible, real-time infrastructure in which IT resources automatically handle rapid changes in business requirements while reducing costs and making complexity transparent to users.

The new offerings announced today include the ClearPath Dorado 700 Series, a new high-end mainframe-class server; the mid-range ClearPath Dorado 4000 Series and Libra 4000 Series mainframe-class servers; and new releases of Unisys Agile Business Suite and Business Information Server software for open application development and integration of enterprise-wide service-oriented architectures (SOA).

Like IT executives everywhere, CIOs who rely on the Unisys ClearPath operating environment as a differentiator for their business must cope with escalating transaction volumes -- even as they compete for the talent needed to extend their mission-critical application development environments to meet todays changing business requirements, said Rich Marcello, president of Unisys Systems and Technology. Leveraging Unisys pioneering work in developing and automating open mainframe environments, we are committed to helping those CIOs leverage industry-standard technologies and development skills to boost infrastructure power and productivity and reduce operating costs while protecting their investments in strategic business applications.

The offerings announced today exploit the proven real-time infrastructure automation capabilities of the ClearPath family. These integrated software facilities enable dynamic allocation and management of IT assets to address fluctuating business demands.

In addition, clients can benefit from Unisys range of consulting, integration and management services for a real-time infrastructure. These services use the Unisys 3D Blueprinting approach, a services-driven methodology that provides clients greater visibility into critical linkages and relationships among various levels of the organization, from strategy to IT infrastructure, enabling them to see the effects of critical decisions in advance.

New ClearPath Dorado 700 Series Boosts Top-of-the-Line Power

The new high-end and mid-range mainframes announced today expand clients choice of high-performance platforms for a real-time infrastructure. They are designed for transaction processing environments, business-critical solutions requiring continuous availability, solution environments with highly variable performance workloads and other enterprise computing tasks requiring high security.

The new ClearPath Dorado 700 Series is the most powerful system ever to run the Unisys OS 2200 operating environment. It is designed to provide maximum scalability, reliability and security in large-scale environments. Based on Unisys-designed CMOS processor technology, the Dorado 700 Series delivers improvements of 200 percent in input/output (I/O) performance and nearly 20 percent in processor performance over the currently shipping Dorado 300 Series models.

The system supports up to 32 processors. A maximum 32-processor system can be partitioned into one to eight independent hard partitions, each supporting its own operating environment, to enable diversified application environments. Up to four fully configured Dorado systems -- 128 total processors -- can be clustered together through a Unisys XPC-L (eXtended Processor Complex) record lock processor for added capacity and resiliency.

Basic configurations of the new Dorado 700 Series mainframes are priced from $4.5 million.

New Mid-Range ClearPath Models Advance Next-Generation Server Architecture

The new ClearPath Dorado 4000 Series and Libra 4000 Series -- which run the Unisys OS 2200 and MCP operating environments, respectively -- deliver twice the peak performance of Unisys entry-level systems based on the same next-generation architecture. They are based on the 4-core Intel Xeon 7350 x64 processors.

The new ClearPath models are the latest milestone in Unisys previously announced plans to deliver a common platform architecture leveraging advanced Intel processor technology for all Unisys enterprise servers, including the ClearPath systems. The new ClearPath models provide full compatibility of applications written on earlier-generation ClearPath systems, whether based on CMOS or Intel processors.

These new models are available with single-purpose specialty engines -- integrated processors that increase price/performance by offloading tasks from the central system. Both the Dorado 4000 and Libra 4000 systems can use a cryptographic co-processor for encrypting sensitive data. The Libra 4000 can use a JProcessor, which accelerates Java performance, and the ClearPath ePortal, which provides transparent web services and support for mobile devices.

These new systems also enable clients to benefit from the ClearPath lines pioneering use of flexible resource management. These standard options allow clients to match their expenditures with their business requirements.

One such key capability -- metering -- allows clients to handle dynamically changing workloads economically by providing maximum system capacity during peaks while minimizing costs when system usage is low. This capability allows clients to pay for the exact amount of processing power they use, as they use it, with state-of-the-art usage monitoring. Another option, capacity on demand, allows clients who elect to purchase a specific amount of processing capacity to dynamically and cost-effectively accommodate unexpected performance peaks and other situations, such as disaster recovery.

Basic configurations of the new Dorado 4000 Series models are priced from $498,000. Basic Libra 4000 Series configurations are priced from $750,000.

New Software Releases Enrich Enterprise Solution Development Capabilities

New releases of Unisys Agile Business Suite and Business Information Server software further Unisys commitment to provide clients with advanced solution development environments for the real-time enterprise. These software releases make use of industry-standard methodologies and technologies to support a wide range of development skills. They provide end-to-end business process integration and support multiple run-time operating environments from a single solution definition based on a business model.

Release 2.0 of Unisys Agile Business Suite simplifies installation and enhances the performance of this development environment. Combining the intuitive user interface of Microsoft Visual Studio with Unisys highly advanced Model-Driven Development environment, Agile Business Suite uses a single business definition to generate a complete solution environment -- online transactions, reports, database, end-user interfaces and SOA connections -- for multiple runtime operating environments, including Unisys MCP, Microsoft .NET, Linux and UNIX. An open-system communications capability that includes XMI 2.0 expands the industry-standard technologies available to developers.

Citing the advantages of the model-driven development that Agile Business Suite enables, Richard Mark Soley, Ph.D., chairman and CEO of IT-industry consortium Object Management Group, Inc., said, "Model-driven development delivers sustainable business agility, and Unisys has been a leader in the field since it began. Not only does Unisys deliver thought leadership in the space, but the company delivers products that work and solve real business problems, based on standards that Unisys drives in international arenas like the Object Management Group.

Release 46R1 of Unisys Business Information Server (BIS) adds new programmer options leveraging industry-standard technologies and security capabilities to this business-oriented rapid application development software for Unisys OS 2200 solutions. An enhanced Developer Workshop provides an integrated, multi-windowed graphical development environment for BIS script or JavaScript routines, simplifying application developers tasks. Improved performance in supporting JavaScript and the capability to build Java applications that access BIS resources expand the options based on industry-standard technologies available to programmers.

Security enhancements in BIS 46R1 allow encryption of data at rest in OS 2200 environments, as well as the capability to encrypt all networking traffic -- data in flight --among diverse systems.

For further information on Unisys real-time infrastructure solutions, click on the following link:

About Unisys

Unisys is a worldwide information technology services and solutions company. We provide consulting, systems integration, outsourcing and infrastructure services, combined with powerful enterprise server technology. We specialize in helping clients use information to create efficient, secure business operations that allow them to achieve their business goals. Our consultants and industry experts work with clients to understand their business challenges and create greater visibility into critical linkages throughout their operations. For more information, visit

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